Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wood oven/stove idea

Alright so I have this idea to build a new wood stove/oven. It will have an oven that we can bake in, and a cook top. I am going to make it light enough to carry outside in summer, for use. Wood/biomass is carbon neutral, so we are wanting to do this soon. Our propane system has to go, or be used as little as possible. I have tons of ideas- too many to go into now.

Here are the rough plans for the stove.
There will be sand in the cavaties to retain heat, as well as insulate. The idea being to have as much heat as posible directed around the oven and out the top. These are rough pans, thngs might change or now this is the idea. Picture is a bit small sorry...

Mid Winter Update

Hello all.

Other than the two bitter cold snaps and one blizzard. Things have been very mild here in Oklahoma. I have to say even while Barb and I were truck driving OK was always well OK. Anyway, no real new pictures to post. We've been doing regular work around here- feeing the animals, fire wood cutting. The usual.

Tony has a new full time job- My oldest son has a fulltime job at a local workshop. Making construction tarps- he does a litte of everything. He's doing well with it, saving his money, for his move to England. Yes he's determined to move to theUK.. he's got many friends over there. Soon as his photo portfolio is compleate he's going to try to land a job there.

Jason and Zak are working with me most of the time- and on the side Jasn has been in a woodshop. He's been working with a neighbor- he has small sawmill, and mainly makes cedar furniture. I've been over there a few times helping.

Barb my cowgirl wife (that's hilarious if you know her) She's been driving a truck for a cattle farmer. Mainly haling hay, and feed. She drives the old kenworth day cab 10 speed around the farm. Too funny seeing her muddy- welcome to farming honey...

This weekend is interesting- we have OKU(oklahoma university) and KSU(kansas state) girls softball teams out at the park. They will be here for the next two weeks, for their spring training. Getting ready for the next season- so I've become the goto guy for their needs here. I mainly set-up and take down equipment. Me, Jason, and Zak went out to practice with them- let me tell you what. I got struck out 4 times, by the girls- so far I'm doing bad. Might be underhand pitching, but man it's hard to hit against them. Anyway life goes on and we are doing fine-until next post...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our tattoo shop

I know it has been a while since the last post. We have been winterizing the park, collecting firewood. Doing some farm type work, nothing spectacular. Barb and I have been given te chance to run Hell's Basement Tattoo shop here in sparks.

So here is the outside shot of the shop, everything here is in the old west style.

This is Barb's post at reception- she will be the manager. In charge of clients, payments, and handling the money. During events there are 4 to 6 artists.

This is the waiting area, we will be adding some better furniture as time goes on.

Here is My station where I work my magic. I am head artist and full time here.

This is Ambers station, she comes in from Las Vegas during events.
I'll post some pice of the tattoos I have been doing. More to come later.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Bash Pics

This is the night before the big halloween bash- Nikki making a speech to the folks there.

Nikki and Micole Tony's grandaughter- she's making her speech.
More of Nikki hamming it up on the mic.
Tony and Nikki dancing- who says big bad bikers don't have a soft side..

Our daughter Nikki and Ahab- the M.C. for the events.

This is the night before the party started- we had a private Pre-party, party...

I was in charge of carving the pumpkins- the one with top hat is my tribute to Tony the owner.

The frozen thong contest- first one to thaw it a put them on wins.

More weenie bite pics.

My son Jason- we worked clean-up crew with a "fan" It's a tough job- but someone has to do it.

Tattoo Bus- Biker party

So we are here in Sparks Oklaoma, at the biker haven- Sparks America camp. This job is really the best when you think about it. All we do is setup for a party, or clean up from one.

You don't need a motorcyle to be in on the party.

This is the party in full swing- yes those are topless women on stage...

Some pics of the weenie bite, contest- if you don't know what the premise of the contest is... message me

My wife and I set up our candle booth. It was fun, and got us little extra money.

I'll post some more pics, of the halloween festivities.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Camp Pics in OK

The bus all set up- great place

The wife trying to feed the mustang a carrot. The owner adpoted a wild mustang.

The resident horses came to camp

Nikki on a Harley- we are at a biker campground in OK.

The belly up boxer is Chelsea, her favorite game is "scratch my belly"

This little guy is Izzy- I forget the breed, but aint she cute as a button
Well, we stopped in Oklahoma for a while. I air brushed the bus, with Jason's help, we have a name.

Here is the view from my station.

Well this is me in all my glory. Ready to go to work. Yes the NY Giants ar my favorite team- them and whoever is playing the Eagals. Heh heh.

These are the machines I have- two custome Snake Yeatts, and three big Joe Kaplans- they have been modified. With better coils.